The Little Marketing Company

Posted on May 21, 2018 by Admin under Allia Centre, Business Images, Cambridgeshire, Commercial, Nikon, On location, Peterborough

A lot of my work involves working with small to medium size businesses to get the images they need to help brand themselves or they decide they need to rebrand or update the staff images. Unfortunatly some still believe that a screen shot or a selfie will do. The more progressive know that the way we present our business is crucial and professional imagery is essential for that. I talk about their business and clothing and location details before I ever pick up a camera.

Many business people now meet clients or prospective clients at a nice coffee shop or one of the many business centres that are dotted around the region. This is almost like neutral ground for both and if their business is run from a spare room in their house then a location session is better and many do nice coffee too which is always a big plus.

Natalie with her business name of “The Little Marketing Company ” based locally often meets clients on location as it helps them relax ( not to mention the good coffee ) so when we were looking for a location to do the shoot the Allia Centre in Peterborough seemed ideal and as I wasnt setting up big studio lights or have a big crew they were happy for us to use their impressive building. Another big plus was lots of free parking and the aforementioned good coffee.

Here are a few selected images from the day which only took just over an hour and a half including the drinking of the coffee!!!