Supporting local charities and organisations.

Posted on May 4, 2018 by Admin under Cambridgeshire, Event Photography, Magpas, On location

Having photographed for international charities around the world. I now generally stay more local with my support. I believe that one of the most important in the way they save lives is Magpas. I do photograph some of the fundraising events that are put on to support them and occasionally will be photographing for a client and find that I see the bright orange Tshirts and smiling faces on a Magpas stand promoting their work. Although the work they do is literally deadly serious the people manning the stands are anything but serious. Full of joy I often get hugz and they do chat 20 to the dozen as we used to say in Wales. This happened when I was at Wood Green doing some photography for the Hunts Post newspaper. Couldnt resist taking a couple of pics of the two ladies as I also pinched a sweet out of their dish.

There are a number of events comming up over the following months so please feel free to donate some money, if you are a business looking to sponsor a charity please consider Magpas and if you have time to volunteer then they would love to hear from you. I can assure you that it will be fun.