Having fun with three types of lighting

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Admin under Portraiture

With a bright sunny day for my studio session on Sunday I thought I would have a few hours of using three types of lighting with Jess who has been modeling for me for many years. The advantage of her being my granddaughter is that she is used to me trying out new things or refining my skills. The three types of lighting I decided on were

  1. Outdoors using an off camera flash
  2. Studio flash with my studio lights with various modifiers
  3. Outdoors using just the light from the sun to cast shadows on my studio wall.

As usual Jess did her own makeup as she is used to doing that for photo sessions for herself and some of my other clients. She was able to use my purpose built studio makeup area and wardrobe space. She, selected six outfits for this session to produce the various looks we achieved. Its great to see how the different types of lighting affect the look and mood of an image. Although the British weather outdoor and sun doesn’t always go together, the value of using portable flash to replicate the sun and sometimes to even overpower the sun, particularly on bright sunny weddings so that dress details isn’t lost is always helpful.

The looks

Below are the three looks we spoke about earlier broken down so you can see how lights effect the look we achieved.